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House Keeping
Man Power Outsourcing
Allied Services
Security Services
Generators on Hire
Liaisoning Services
Service Apartments
Contact Us
Company Details

In Corporation Number:

Type of Company
Private Limited

P.F Code No :
KN / 34834
ESIC Reg No :
Service Tax No :



Cafe Coffee Day around 230 units in South India also others around 80+ clients

About us

V2 CARE is a professionally qualified & experienced Facilities Management Company in south India, dedicated to provide 24 hour & 365 Days for:

  1. Housekeeping services, (Housekeeping Staff, scavengers, Supervisor)
  2. Security Services, ( Guards, Front Office Supervisor, Gun Man)
  3. Pantry Boys
  4. Gardeners
  5. Electricians
  6. Carpenter
  7. Plumber
  8. Office Boys
  9. Office Assistants
  10. Skilled & Unskilled Labours
  11. Technicians
  12. Estate Manager
  13. Drivers
  14. Any staff’s under contract basis

Facilities and Property maintenance to All type of commercial Establishments, like MNC's, BPO's, Corporate, Hospitality industries, Educational institutions, Commercial complexes, Apartments, Industries, Offices, Independent residences, Guest houses, Clubs and Resorts.

Company was established in 1997 in the name of EMWORLD MANPOWER SERVICES as a partnership concern. With the growth of the company it was decided to enhance the company from a partnership firm to a private limited company. V2 CARE FACILITIES & OUTSOURCE PPRIVATE LIMITED, wide certificate of this was established on 9TH march 2005 in the name of V2CARE incorporation no. CIN-U29299KA2005PTC035791.With diversified services


  • Dedicated to provide quality service before profit.
  • To pass customer's worry of maintenance to us.
  • To ensure longevity of customer's assets.
  • To ensure that things are at place, thereby doing away with the need of crisis management.
  • To add life to customer's existing structure.
  • To enhance Productivity.
  • To be in touch with customer's senses.

Our personnel are trained in areas of duties such as:

  • Awareness of office standard/manners.
  • Obedient and aggressiveness.
  • Maintaining discipline and punctuality.
  • ID cards and uniforms are issued for easy traceability.
  • Shifts are allocated to the employees and the shift lists are maintained on daily basis.
  • Training is provided on regular basis at our training center.
  • We will arrange weekly meeting with our supervisors for increase our quality of services.
  • We take maximum of 15 days transition time for new accounts.
  • We are an upcoming and energetic company.
  • We have dedicated staff and good track record.
  • As we are locally based, we will be able to provide better service.
  • We have spare staff who will resume duty at the earliest in case of emergency

Our Network:
Karnataka:         All major Cities
Andrapradesh:  All major Cities
Tamil Nadu:       All major Cities
Kerala:               All major Cities
Goa:                   All major Cities

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